Estate Planning

Choose the Right Executor or Trustee

You’re a step ahead of the pack if you’ve created a will or trust. Don’t stumble at the finish line by naming the wrong executor or trustee. Seek help, but common sense is also great. You do not need to be a Wall Street whiz to act as your executor or trust. But, you do […]


Tips on how to be debt-free as quickly as possible

1. List debts by interest We sometimes want to stash those bills away and never look at them but the one big secret to paying off your debt will be knowing where you are at. Take out all your bills and list your debts from smallest to largest. Then, listing them in order from highest […]


Estate Planning Essentials

The 8 Estate Planning steps discussed in the attached Moneywatch article should be a part of every Olympia household’s financial plan. Your attorneys at Budsberg Law Group can help you structure your estate plan in an effective manner, starting with Step 1, your will. Our comments below are enclosed in brackets. As noted in the […]