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Debt Relief

Business and Personal Debt Relief Help in Olympia – Attorney Brian Budsberg

Are your personal or business creditors calling to demand payment? Don’t they understand that you just can’t make all the monthly payments? Who do you pay with the cash you have? Maybe you’re borrowing from your credit cards just to make payments. Do you need bankruptcy protection? Maybe. Maybe not. While you’re worrying and losing sleep over what to do, the demands for payments and the threats of creditor lawsuits just keep coming.

As a business, perhaps the recession isn’t over for you. For many businesses, the indebtedness incurred just to keep going during the hard times can stay with them long after the economic downturn is theoretically over. Are your business credit lines at their limits with your vendors? For businesses throughout the northwest, Olympia based Budsberg Law Group has been the difference between bankruptcy and a structured, well negotiated payment plan with their creditors.

We’ve worked with businesses on Debt Relief in Olympia, Lacey, Centralia, Chehalis, Aberdeen, Elma, Morton, Tumwater, Shelton, Morton and throughout the south Puget Sound area.

So whether you are dealing with your individual family financial problems or your business needs help renegotiating with vendors, banks and creditors of all types, the professionals at Budsberg Law Group in Olympia can help you. We can work with creditors to make the phone calls stop. Since the 198os, we’ve helped create workable payment plans with creditors, avoiding the necessity of bankruptcy.

And if it becomes clear that creditor negotiation is not the best option, we can help you get relief through a well managed bankruptcy. Don’t face financial hardship alone. Don’t lose any more sleep or have your blood pressure go up every time the phone rings. You need an advocate in your corner to both advise you and work with your creditors on your behalf. Budsberg Law Group is standing by to speak with you and get you on the path of peace of mind.