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Estate Planning

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Do you need a local Olympia area Estate Planning Lawyer? Are your financial affairs in order? Do you have a spouse, children, and/or life partner that may be affected by your untimely passing? Do you want to ensure certain assets are protected and go to your love ones? Have you contemplated what decision should be made if you are incapacitated or who should be in charge of your affairs if you are unable to make decisions for yourself? Drafting a will, trust, community property agreement, healthcare directive, and/or power of attorney is a simple solution to ensure that your love ones are taken care of in the event of your passing. By taking inventory of your assets you can plan to avoid tax liability and set up straightforward and thorough directives on what should be done in the event of you being incapacitated or passing away.

Budsberg Law Group has over 40 years in dealing with asset positioning, drafting a wills and trust documents, and putting healthcare directives and powers of attorney’s to ensure that your family and loved ones are taken care of in the event that you are incapacitated or pass away. Contact our office to set up an appointment to examine your current financial situation and put documents together that will ensure that your family and/or love ones taken care of in the event that you are not able.

Considerations of Estate Planning

The main goal of estate planning should be to eliminate any conflicts that might arise once someone has passed away and the task of resolving the estate becomes the ultimate priority. Each person has different things that they want to focus on during the course of the estate planning process. Finding the right person to assist in completing this process is a challenge. The goal should be to find someone who’s willing to work within the parameters of their plan. Some estate planners have a set protocol for how they work and they’re often unwilling to bend to the standards their clients want. Our estate planning attorneys, with many years of experience in the Olympia area, are here to help you, our client! Peace of mind that this crucial area of your life is expertly resolved is our goal.

One big obstacle that arises during the course of estate planning is price. Few people want to invest a considerable amount in planning their estate. This fact is truer for people who are working on planning their estate in their younger years. The reality of the situation is that the person who’s planning their estate needs to put as much into the process as they want to get out of it. As with any arrangement that requires a significant financial investment, the estate planning client needs to decide whether they want to prioritize the price of the services they receive or how much value they get from them.

Every document that’s generated during the estate planning process needs to be written in the clearest terms possible to avoid any confusion. The people that will receive inheritances from the estate will look at each of these documents closely. Whether or not they have an objective in mind, they will read what they want to read unless it’s spelled out in an airtight fashion. Estates that have poorly written documents associated with them often have to be resolved through lengthy, contentious court battles, which is the last thing anyone would want to subject their heirs to.

There’s no better time than right now for you to plan your estate. Life is a short journey that could end at any moment. It’s better to be prepared now than to cause serious problems later on. Even though planning an estate takes a considerable amount of time, the benefits of completing this process should not be ignored. Once an estate is planned, no further action needs to be taken unless a person experiences a drastic change in their life. You need to plan your estate in a way that prevents you from having to adjust it in the near future.